Monday, September 26, 2011

A few TYW shots

Greg H. came over and we set up an Anchor of Faith game set loosely in the TYW.  Here are some photos of Greg Hanson's TYW figures. Greg ran Swedish Brigades against the smaller Late Imperialist battalions I fielded.  Maybe next time I'll try Tercios!

 Greg's center infantry advances.  After setting up we happened to catch that Swedish Brigades counted as two units, so I was slightly outnumbered in infantry units, not that it mattered much in the game.
Greg's cavalry advance.
   These were just as successful, teaming with his infantry to defeat my side's cavalry. The decentralized chip pools made for some very interesting gambits and helped reflect the difficulty coordinating an army in the period.

Greg's left flank infantry  advances.

 Greg even got an infantry attack in on some of my right flank cavalry.  Oh, the horror!
It was a lot of fun to get the pike and shot out, but I want a rematch!

I'll probably have to put up some shots of my Polish army to begin my psychological warfare campaign before I play again.


  1. Anchor of Faith rules, Joe, or others?


  2. We used Anchor of Faith, still my favorite for the perid. Greg had obtained some new troops and painted some others, so it seemed like a good idea just to 'fill the table' and see what would happen. He rolls really well and makes few mistakes, so his Scots and others will do real well. Thomas is just about done mounting 'wave one' of his TYW troops, I think a table thumper is coming in the next few months.