Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year -typical post

Okay, bending to convention I will list what I hope to get painted, assembled, put together.

I hear people complain of having a lead mountain. Sounds like a personal problem to me.  Paint the stuff, get rid of it or (shudder) play with it primed.

Personally, there are about 800 figures in 28 mm in the basement here as well as a couple hundred 20mm and 15mm figure. I'll get to them, hopefully before the cataracts get too thick to see.  No pledges of not getting more or getting a certain amount done by some arbitrary date.  That way lies madness.

I did just finish my first ever kilted Highland unit of the Napoleonic era.

Some very nice Perry figures were subjected to my halting attempts at dicing on socks and bonnet bands, and a very basic government pattern tartan.  I am satisfied with the results.  The unit is 18 strong, a theme I am using for the units in the Quatre Bras project. So far, the 95th, the 42nd, and six line battalions are ready -or will be after a small matter of basing.

One of the Brigade commanders, Maj-Gen. Pack is ready to lead,  the other British Brigade commanders, Halkett and Kempt, will follow soon. Luckily there are some artillery batteries likely to be done soon in order to give my eyes a rest.

The Nassau, Dutch Belgian and Brunswickers stand ready,  veterans of one to a dozen battles on the table top. The French troops I look my several good friends, Roger and Greg and Peter to supply.  

I am working out a table for the Quatre Bras scenario based on a map in the Hofschreder book on Ligny and Q-B.  In the ''Les Grognard " (PK) game scale of an inch equals 25 yards, it looks like the 10 foot by 5 foot table will cover the middle of the day area.  More on that later.

We are just about to start turn 5 of our imagination style campaign, set more nearly in 1800 than the 18th century as most imagination states are located.  The redcoats will represent some of the troops from the Grand Isle, a prosperous province of Ratlandia. The country of Ratlandia has troops suspiciously looking like Swedish, Brunswick, Russian and now British.  What can I say, after a couple hundred troops, my attention wanders.  Also, I have found that three hundred castings seems to be pretty near the limit in a game for a single player to use, especially if the game is to last for a reasonable (two to three hours) amount of time. 

So I will expect to get some interesting (not balanced) scenarios from the movement orders of our erstwhile rulers, but that is next week or later.

Other games I hope to report here include some forge of battle scifi skirmish, some 'pulp era' skirmishes, some 17th Century Eastern Europe battles using Poles, Cossacks and Ottoman forces.  There are some very nice Turkish figures in the basement waiting patiently for me to stop this Napoleonic nonsense.  There could be some Colonial era skirmishes, some VSF games (yes, Barry).

There may  even be some WW2 action. Never can tell.  Rerun season has already started and March Madness is seven weeks away. So there is some time to paint, and play.


  1. Just what I want to see - still *more* Ratlandian troops of any variety, LOL! I have yet to attempt any highlanders myself - well, aside from some Airfix ones I did back in HS, which came out OK all things considered!

  2. The more the merrier, nez pas? Brunswick Uhlans are not far behind. Which 'finishes' the Brunswickers.