Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crossing Over (Here we go)

They came from the past, on the wormholes that connected incredible distances.  They blasted their way into star systems leaving unbelievable wreckage in their wake.  The attacks were powerful, reckless, without subtlety or mercy.

The Aquarians had heard of the attacks,  and were preparing their defenses.  The green skinned invaders would have to get past missiles and courage, scanner suite defenses and beams strong enough to make planets decompose.   At least that was the fervent hope of the Aquarian United Fleet.  So reinforcements of fighters, starbombers, destroyers and cruisers led by an attack carrier are rushing to meet the green skinned menace.

Monday Knights Productions sells the old Superior space craft line, 5 great fleets.  The Aquarians are the only fleet which does not have an official backstory.  Peter (see his Blunders on the Danube blog)  is a long time friend who hosted several epic games of star ship combat----twenty something years ago.  Time and other projects came round and the fleets at Pete's are back out patrolling.  I should have an Aquarian fleet in a week or so.  Peter's got some great background articles on some of the ships and photos of the models on his blog.

Gamesworkshop had/has (never can tell with them) a space fleet action based game. I have a Orc fleet from that game that is going into a wormhole to escape a foe (you can fill in who you want) and ends up in a different galaxy. At least, the stars aren't quite lined up on the star charts.  That way I have an in house enemy fleet, and two others only an hour's drive away.

More later.  I'll need to get the ships in to paint.   Maybe some pictures as well.

  Who you gonna root for, the lost greenskins or the Aquarian home team?  Want to know more ?  Push the big red button and find out!


  1. Glad to see another space fleet being assembled. Looking forward to seeing photos once your ships come in.

  2. It just so happens that I got the Galactic Knights rules just yesterday; still reading! I also have to review "Curved Space", as I do love the opposed die rolls etc of Piquet type games.

    Space Orcs and... not quite sure what the Aquarians are - reptiles, seagoimng mammals, fish, Mon Calamari?


  3. According to the Starfleet Wars background, the Aquarians are reptilian-looking amphibians.

    1. Yes, I am waiting for the rules to arrive with the ships. On the yahoo group for the game there is some fan based stuff that suggests the 'Alliance' contains more than one race. Gives me a little wiggle room on exactly who is in the ships. Calamari in space, anyone?

  4. Joe, I don't know if you've ever seen the *Starfire* rules (designed fore counters, very simple tactical rules but would still work on the tabletop as well), but there is a pretty nifty system for generating star systems, exploration,technology and the like. In that system, most interstellar travel is my jump points,which makes the exact physical location of systems less relevant, introduces the possibility of unexpected new transit lanes being discovered, and makes actual access to the warp points an important tactical issue in games.

    I have a copy of the CS rules, checking to see if there have been any updates.

  5. Got the rules and Aquarian Fleet the first of March. Reading the rules now, seem pretty clean. It will be interesting to come up with a theme for what weapons they use. I may borrow a few of the ideas from the notes in the files section of the yahoo group on the rules.

    Now waiting for a day at least 50 degrees F to prime!