Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Age of Aquarians

Well, the Aquarian ships arrived a week after I ordered them, nicely packed and as requested.  The rules were part of the order, and were quickly read through for the feel of the game mechanics. In the mean time, I primed the ships in the 'fleet' and started to ponder the paint scheme for the fleet.  There are an incredible number of small turrets, tubes and other structures to show off on the models, much the same as the ships of the other races in the product line, and I don't think a real detailed paint scheme is going to work for me.  But that is for later.

I have primed all the sips, but not the fighters as I intend to paint the 30 fighters after putting them on the flight stands. In the mean time,   here is a rundown of the ships in the fleet.  I did not purchase a Battle Cruiser, Dreadnaught or Galactic Dreadnaught as I envision the battles to be smaller affairs with destroyers, cruisers and smaller craft in support of a carrier group.

So here is the Aquarian Carrier model, topside.  I did not take photos of the dorsal side of any of the ships, and the carrier model is primed but not had any detail on it yet.  In keeping with the role of a carrier, it appears to sport the flat staging area, presumably to recover fighters as they return to the ship for rearming.

The next class of ships are the transports, I purchased five of these.  They should make interesting additions to scenarios where they will need to be protected.  Again, primed models only.

Next up are the cruisers, the workhorse of the squadrons in the sector.  Yep, seven of them, note the detail on the one ship.  I believe they will be in squadrons of three or five in most scenarios.

Next in the fleet line up is a destroyer leader, presumably a bigger better armed version of the destroyer class.   I only purchased one, I envision the destroyer leader class to head up squadrons of five destroyers.  Next to it are some destroyers, you know, to lead.

A squadron of assault ships is included in the force, a strike force to accompany the star bombers.  The star bombers are the last class shown.  Each of these two classes has an example ship with a wash to identify the detail available.  The lack of player background of the fleet won't be a drawback, just a nudge to work on some rules and background for the fleet.

Star Bombers, Aquarian style.

Assault ships.

So there you are, I'll make an entry as I start to paint the various ships.