Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Quatre Bras

Although I have not posted on the QB painting for awhile I have gotten a few figures done.  I have some Victrix line in the mill but can also share these- three generals and a battery of Royal Artillery.

First, Pack, Kempf, and Halkett, some more of the Perry figures from the British Napoleonics line.

 These fellows will officer three of the four British/Hanoverian brigades on the table.  Well, after the last two line and two Highland battalions are painted.

And the RA battery, some in shirtsleeve order.  Again, from the Perrys' line.

I'll soon add the Hanoverian battery in the basement to finish off the batteries in Picton's Division.  The photos are not the best, the crews want into a game, not pose, I surmise.


  1. Good progress, Joe!

    I think we should shoot for Ligny, Waterloo, and perhaps even Wavre for 2015.

    I am, of course, serious about that, LOL.


    I even bought a regiment each of Essex British Light Dragoons and Hussars when Wargames had the clearance sale to go with the 100-odd Minifigs infantry and Dragoons I got from Jamie almost 10 years ago...

  2. As much as I'd love to do W-Loo it would be a stretch to paint the rest of the Belgians, Brits, Hanoverians etc. Not to mention the few extra French we'd need.

    Ligny? Wavre? If we pulled Leipzig off, we'd have now problems there. Of course that's just insane. ;-)

  3. Waterloo: It is hard to imagine what extra French we could need after having done Wagram, Borodino, and Dresden, but if we fnd some I'm sure I could manage to paint some more... Old Guard Foot and Guard Artillery are about the only thing I could imagine needing.

    As for the Allies,it would be my intent to build a sizeable British force of my own - after all, it's been 40+ years or Napoleonic wargaming, and I have yet to paint a single British figure! I aready have Portuguese, Brunswickers, and even some unpainted Spanish Grenadiers for the Peninsula, and the British Mini Figs Jamie sold to me years ago, totaling about 100 already painted. So I'd be talking about maybe 350-400 British figures total (plus abpove support for eventual peninsular actions). I'd think with that, your stuff, and possible contributions by Greg we'dbe able to pull it off without much difficulty. Maybe not a 1 unit = 600 Infantry, but certainly at no more than 1 unit = 1200 infantry.

    Ligny would actually probably be the more challenging one to do figure-wise; as far as I know I'm the only one in the extended group with Prussians, and that force is fairly small (by my standards). I plan on adding at least 4 Reserve regiments and some more artillery as part of the 1813 project, could be more.

    So, I really am serious about this!

    Leizig I think that a temporary attack of sanity has prevented me from serious consideration of tackling that, but as we've discussed, Liebertkowitz seems rreasonable, along with Dresden and 1-2 other "battles to be named later", LOL!

    1. Leipzig definitely could only be done on a basis of facing off the French against one of the various 'Army' groups. Hey there is always the Swede&Prussian Army of the North!

      We probably could do Waterloo at 1 infantry unit being 600.

  4. 1:600 does mean a lot of figures - at least 1,000 Anglo Allied. We'll have to do an OOB at that scale and see how it looks. I did that for Dresden, and it immediately became apparent that the ratio HAD to be higher than that!

    Army of the North is certainly a possibility - I certainly have more Swedes than English!