Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color on Aquarians

Paint color, that is!  I have decided to make the fleet dependent on a base coat and wash 'technology' because quite frankly there is no way I can do any justice to all the tiny detail on these ships.

In addition, after a couple of games, which admittedly had crude tactics used,  I can see an upper limit of ten or so ships in a scenario for the game length I like and have the availability to play.   So with that in mind, I an create a scheme for at least three fleet groups.

The first group is heavy on Star Bombers and star destroyer size hulls, with a cruiser as the big gun or flotilla leader.  So in this manner, I will have 5 star bombers in the 'green with stripes' pattern.  The pattern is loosely based on tree frog coloration, with the stripes serving as a method to identify individual ships. These are supposedly mostly amphibian based life forms, after all.

The basic color will be the hull color for the larger ships, but an oddly shared trait is the turtle head prow which calls out for a stylized face. Maybe, if I can get one I am pleased with the result.

Here is the base coat, the Pelikan Plaka color is called  Hellgrun (light green) on a few of the ships. There are three star bombers at the bottom, the large ship is a fighter carrier, with a destroyer to the right and a cruiser at top of the group.

More later.


  1. Even understanding the German, I think "Hell Green" fits this shade, LOL!

    I like the idea of some additional painting on the prows. Consider picking out at least the "airlock" looking things an the obvious gun turrets in some fashion. I like the idea of "tree-frog" stripes to differentiate the ships - clever!

    Since I'm going with a brown based color scheme for my Entomalians, the gree based scheme will work well with my fleets - base colors Dark Blue for Avarians, Black/Red for Carnivorans, White for Terrans and Brown for Avarians.

  2. I will add some detail you mention, I think the airlock things are really tanks of liquid (these are amphibians, after all) or the crew's use. But I'd go stark raving you know what if I tried to paint all the detail on these ships!

    Roger and I tried the Carnivorian fleet special rules yesterday, ouch, talk about fast games. We played 5-7 ships, around 1100 points a side. Two games in four hours, and that with some rules looking up at that. Oh, and the first time use of fighters and missiles as well.

    The MKN rules play well, pretty easy to learn, and Roger pointed out, 'not for the faint of heart.' ;-)

  3. I figured the rate of ship loss would be quite high. Hopefully all the escape pods functioned per specs!