Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aquarian Fleet first wave finished

As promised, here are the completed ships as they presently make up the Aquarian fleet.  On order from MKP is a battle cruiser and some fighters of the various races.

The fleet presently consists of an attack carrier and supports...five armored pursuit ships;

  the First Cruiser Squadron, the 'Green Hell'  (thanks Peter, for  that one)   You shall know them by their stripes.

  and the Second Cruiser Squadron the 'Screaming Yellow Zonkers.'  Again modeled loosely on the coloration of a type of treefrog.

After the disastrous action around Zion 70 to include the loss of the Attack Carrier 'Lost Hope' the naval board brought back the idea of cruiser squadrons as the main building block for small fleet actions.  The carrier was lost along with three destroyers and a destroyer leader and the armored pursuit ship to the Carnivore fleet encountered two weeks ago.   It is hoped the punch of the cruiser class ships will redress the balance in the Aquarian favor.


  1. We were eating dinner at a restaurant seaside at cane Garden Bay on Tortola last month, and were serenaded by a tree frog in one of the hanging baskets. Could hear him but not see him... did see a tiny lizard on the railing, though!

  2. You'll certainly see these on the table!