Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just a quick note on a company's work

Several weeks ago I ordered some ships from Monday Knght Productions to fill out my Aquarian fleet, add some Terran ships to my collection, and lay in a set of fighters for most races.

I received the order this Friday , my greedy hands clawing through the USPS envelope to get at the goods.  I was happy with the ships I received but noted I was one 'pack' short, some fighters and bases.

I had intended to email them to let them know about the shipping error and the missing item.

The next day saw the postman deliver the remaining set, which was mailed out separately.  I did not even have to complain to the good folk at Monday Knight Productions,, they must have caught the error and fixed it while the first batch was enroute.

Pretty good service eh?!  I'll probably be getting more ships from them later this summer.  After I paint up this batch.


  1. So what's your Aquarian fleet composition up to now, Joe (painted and unpainted?)

  2. 5 each star bombers, armored pursuits, destroyers and transports. 2 destroyer leaders, seven cruisers, a battle cruiser, an attack carrier with accompanying fighters.

    That, will probably end my build of the Aquarians, as I have most of anything I need for the kind of scenario I want to run. I don't think I'll go the Dreadnaught and Super Galactic Dreadnaught route. Fun with cruisers by the handful is more what I'd planned. Only the battle cruiser and the second destroyer leader are not at least base coated, although they are primed.

    Also one Terran battle cruiser and 5 cruisers. I may bring this fleet up to the level of the Aquarians as I love the shape of the ships. Hey, I already have the cruisers.