Monday, August 6, 2012

August, taking stock

It sure does not seem almost a month since the last post, but vacations, Historicon and the odd summer project have certainly chewed the time up.

Historicon was a lot of fun, the venue certainly big enough. The trip down remarkably smooth as we hit no traffic and made it from near Danbury to Fredericksburg in a little over six and one half hours.  Peter had the car filled to the gunwales with troops and terrain and various gaming needs.  Still, a very comfortable ride, especially as I did not drive!

On the blogs "Blunders on the Danube" and "Barry's Redoubt" are some very good reports and photos of the games we (the Hof-Rats) put on at the convention.  Borodino had over 6000 figures on the tables.  While I took a few photos of each of the games, I seemed to take more of the players than the actual troops being moved.  Probably because I have met or emailed most of them before, the game really looked like a group of friends over for a game.  For some reason a lot of my game table photos came out fuzzy, so please check out the mentioned blogs for shots of the troops.

 A good view of the Russian center commanders, and our own Ken B. who was proxied by his son.  Michelle is explaining that she, and she only owns the hill with the Great Redoubt.

The Northern tier of the Russian command, the fellow in the yellow shirt is Dave who is also good at spaceship games.

Rounding out the Russians are the commanders near Uttisa, who bravely stood up to a three to one set of French vs Russian move segment ratio and were holding on by the militia's fingernails by the end of the game.I am partly to blame, I gave the commander of the Poles a D6 marked in Polish (jedem, dwa tryz, etc).  How can you beat a die roll you can't  read?  We did have a cheat sheet that translated to English  that came with the D6.

I did spend enough at the vendor area, despite several vendors not being in attendance.  I managed to keep with my themes, Pulp and SCW during my forays into Brigade games, Age of Glory and RLBPS.  I was making up for a paucity of villains for my pulp games which I now can say is rectified.  But more on that another time.

There were two  photos that juxtapositioned themselves in the wrap around feature of sliding through the photos on my camera.

The figure is from the Perry Russian 28mm line, that of Gen  Ouvarov, the serious looking fellow is none other than Eric Burgess of Din of Battle, Archon, etc fame. Is this a matter of life imitating art or the reverse?  You decide.

And a mention of our farthest travelled figures, Gavin's Mecklenburgers, all the way from Australia, to CT and then to VA.  The photo is their high water mark of the game, crossing the Bridge at Borodino after forcing back a battalion of Russian Garde Jagers.  They go home very soon for campaigns down under. 

Well, there's a wrap, more later!


  1. Some good shots (and funny captions) of the flesh and blood cast of characters.

    Ach, und wir sind Mecklenburgers, Herr Fisch, ja. Wir nich aus Hesse kamm!

  2. Thanks again for all you help with the Historicon games, this year and for many prior years, not to mention the good company that made the drive down and back to Fredericksburg seem to fly by!


  3. Peter,
    The effort for this last set was so much a team effort with you, Barry, Greg and Roger doing so much of the figure procurement and painting. It was a good excuse for me to get my Russians remounted, and some additional Russian troops painted. And you can drive any time, we had good luck with your timing on the rush hours!

  4. A fine report of your great Borodino game. Very nice, and I bet you guys had a lot of fun.