Wednesday, August 29, 2012

British Line and Highlanders for Quatre Bras project

Finally, photos as promised for over a week.  I don't apologize as you get two units rather than just the Highland unit.

 First up, the Cornwall battalion, white facings.  I departed from my normal basing to use a square base as the bases the figures come with make it impossible to get the three figures on the 2 by 1 bases without hanging over or looking like a failed attempt to board a subway car.  The figures are Victrix, I had gotten them in a trade over 18 months ago.  This is one of two units, I had blocked out the coats and pants last year, the second unit out of the box is still not done. 
 Most of the battalion in this shot. The variety of the poses in the box is nice, I am just not enthralled with the extra step of gluing the figures together.  Since there are a lot of poses, I guess unless I need more posing in the unit, I can stay away from using 'greenstuff' a little longer.
 Now for the highlanders, Cameroons as painted.  Don't look too closely at the kilts, the yellow stripes and I had an argument which I lost.
Finally the obligatory look at the whole (almost) of the unit.  To terribly mangle a quote attributed to Napoleon, "Peter, these Amazons are the best (painted)  I can send against you."

What remains to be painted?  One each Highland and British battalion, eight units of Hanoverian line and militia (I have five of the units primed, need to purchase three more.)  Then some artillery, including the ever popular RHA batteries, which means limber teams as well.   Then I suppose I will have to do some French.  You know, Ney tearing up orders, dust clouds for the missing Corps, casualty figures.

After this effort painting red, what is next?  ....something for Czar Barry to incorporate in is Martian saga.

But that is another story for another day.


  1. They look good, Joe. I'd be tempted to hit them with the Magic Wash before terraining the bases...


  2. Nicely done! I like the martian, I have wanted an excuse for those for a while now.

    1. The Bronze Age stuff is amazing. Reasonably priced as well.
      I had painted one a few years ago, Barry bought three more for me at a Cold Wars, time to get them done. You'll see more of them in a game report when I get them finished.

  3. Come for the figures, stay for the historical quotes!

  4. Thanks, we like to work them in every once in a while!