Monday, August 20, 2012

Campaigns in Space

As some of you know from following the blog, back in March we started playing the tactical rules for Monday Knights "Galactic Knights.'   Despite my feeble attempts at stopping the Carnivores, we (my buddy Roger and I) have decided to continue on the path of gaming with the rules, but limiting ourselves to the ships of battle cruiser size and lower.

As part of the plan, we decided a small campaign should be set up to generate scenarios.  Thus I can attempt through sheer strategic brilliance to reverse my inept abilities as the fleets meet.  Yeah, more likely the sector will be lost to the Terran Federation, in a swift and ignominious defeat.

So what rules to use?  How to set up the campaign?  I mean, it's not like whipping out Chandler or Weller and ginning up a Peninsular/100 Days campaign from the early 19th century.

Kismet favored us in the form of an old friend, Amarillo Design Bureau.   They recently published out with a campaign guide.  More a toolkit of suggestions than an intricate set of rules, the publication contains a lot of alternative methods and campaign component ideas.  The download version was very reasonably priced on special; it is now a resource for the campaign.

We'll use some of these in our upcoming games.

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  1. Sound interesting, Joe! Not easy to find a balance between strategic background, scenario generation, and simplicity!