Monday, August 6, 2012

Dave's Game 2012

An old war gaming friend comes up almost every year from Virginia in August and manages to get in a game at my house.  This year Dave, Roger and I set out to play a large game of Galactic Knights space ship rules.  With a battle cruiser, carrier, seven cruisers, six destroyers, two destroyer leaders and five star bombers on a side,  it was an amazingly quick four turn, 3 1/2  hour game before we wrapped up at 5pm. As usual I played the peaceful Terrans who were being accosted by the ready to eat you Carnivore fleet. Dave assisted me running with the battle cruiser, three cruisers and a handful of destroyers.

 Lots of shooting, lots of destroyed or crippled ships as my fleet lost two cruisers, four star bombers and a few fighters to the Carnivore's cruiser, destroyer leader and three star bombers lost and a crippled battle cruiser.  We did not take photos, something I am sure I am remiss in during games.  Just too much die rolling.

Dave had never played before, but did well, as his squadrons were basically intact, mine suffering most of the losses.  One glorious moment (for me) in the battle was when a star bomber actually made it to the rear square of the Carnivore BC, unloading its plasma torps and causing twelve internal hits after chewing through the armor.  The hits took out the main drives, several ship systems and some armament.  To add to the excitement, the rear arc armament could not buy a hit on the star bomber,which had such a lot of drift move left (the game recognizes inertia in  simple, functional and interesting way) that it was safe off board--and certainly out of range, the next move.

The game was fun, probably too large for a normal two player game given our normal time constraints. Dave had a good time, we learned a little more on how to mix the ships to tactics based on the ship layouts and armament.  Next up will be some scenario based games as we head into the next phase... sector warfare, with house rules. Of course we have not written those yet!


  1. Sounds like a fun game, especially the up-close starbomber attack. But next time, remember to take some pictures! :)

  2. I very often forget, next time I will take photos before the opposing fleet leaves.