Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finishing up a few items

I had an hour or so tonight to paint.  Instead of starting a new unit, I decided to finish up a bagpiper for the 42nd foot (Black  Watch) and one of the two line battalions to go to finish up the English brigades at Quatre Bras.

The line troops have been patient since September last year, completing them means I have two British units left to prepare.  Then I will do the Hanoverian units, already have castings for 7 of the nine units needed.

I'll take a few photos of the troops tomorrow.  So if you are checking out this entry, please recheck Monday evening.

The question now is, do I complete the Q-B project, or spend some time on the other game project?

Hmmm, that was not so hard.  I will set up  a proper order of completion based on what the next games I will host or contribute towards now; yeah, that's the ticket.  I feel like some horses are getting some paint next!


  1. We'll have to think some about what additional forces would be needed to do Ligny and Waterloo as well, so that I can plan for my "British invasion" painting project of 1813-15!

  2. Waterloo would mean doubling my Dutch Belgians, three more British and two KGL brigades. And then there is the cavalry.

    Ligny is three corps of Prussians. That's a challenge!