Monday, October 22, 2012

Dutch Belgians at Q-B pt 2 (1815 Nassau Brigade )

Well, this tops off the units in Perponcher's Dutch Belgian division at Quatre Bras.  Again, all the units are from the Perry bros. miniature line, this time look at the 1815 Nassau list.   The uniform information is primarily from the Osprey title on 'Wellington's Dutch Allies.'

To start with the Bernard of Saxe-Weimar's brigade's units,let's examine the 28th Orange Nassau  regiment, fielding two battalions.  The uniforms looked so closely to the French model that the Prussians coming on the field at Waterloo made an identification mistake (see Hofschrorer's Waterloo campaign).  The bell top shako shape and blue coats certainly could be mistaken at a distance!  The facings were red, the officers' sashes orange.  The unit was from one of the many small German principalities, under contract to the Netherlands' government.  Hence the name!

Also in the Brigade was the 2nd Nassau Ussingen Light Regiment, in 1815 a brand new formation of three battalions. This was one of my favorite units to paint, with the grenadiers in busbies and everyone in a buff colored  belt, the all green uniform is a nice contrast to the line and militia units in the division.  One of my friends, a very veteran wargamer reminded me that only a small fraction of the unit actually wore the fur hat...but that's okay...I made sure I could do at least six!  Good thing there were three battalions in the unit.

The command pack had a few figures more in the busby, so my total is nearer eight.

The center companies wore bell topped shako. Everyone got to wear the green coat.  Oh, yellow facings...almost forgot.

 There were two companies of volunteer Jager infantry, these troops rounded out the brigade.  One pack of the range supplied me with the two stands needed.  I have since remounted them, but this is a better photo of how they look.

Volunteer Jagers
Even though the Perry range has only the 1st, 2nd regiments and the Jager companies, there is a suitable casualty pack if you 'need' that sort of thing.  Of course, the real units were only as mentioned.

The brigade also contained a battery of artillery attached for the day at Quatre Bras.Dutch Belgian line artillery, armed with six pounders. Note the lack of  the shoulder wings the Horse Artillery sport.

 So there it is, a small but interesting contingent to add to the 1815 allies, one which fought both at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.


  1. Nice little contingent. My favorite are the green coated Nasauers as well!

  2. They look great Joe. Green coats are the best.