Friday, October 5, 2012

Another unit, West Riding Regiment

  Well, the second Victrix unit is finished, and today based. The West Riding Regiment.  The unit modeled, the 33rd Foot, was part of Halkett's Brigade in Alten's First Division.  That makes Halkett's brigade complete now.    The unit had red facings, the normal white lace.

The unit is done with some craft paints for the coat and pants colors, the white lace and metallic colors were tube artist acrylics.  I finishd the figures in a diluted (7 or 8 to 1) wash of burnt umber.  The flags are again from the Warflag site. Flocking is the static grass railroad modelers use, held with white glue.  I based it similarly to the other unit of Victrix foot, on 2" by 2" stands.

Pretty inexpensive unit, since the figures came in a trade.  This means there is one unit left in Picton's division, the  Gordons, the third unit of highland line to complete the three British Brigades at Quatre Bras.

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  1. Looking Sharp(e), Joe!

    Just one suggestion - consider painting the edges of the flags to eliminate the white showing; it only takes a miniute or two, and really enhances the lopok of the printed flags.