Monday, October 8, 2012

Dutch Belgian Units at Qutre Bras Part 1

The first units to arrive at Quatre Bras were the Brigades from the 2nd Dutch Belgian Division, commanded by Baron Perponcher-Sedlnitsky.  The division consisted of two Brigades, the first commanded by Count Van Bylant, the second by the Prince of Saxe-Weimar.  The first brigade   consisted of a unit of Jagers, a unit of Belgian Line,  and three battalions of militia.  The second brigade consisted of the 2nd Nassua-Ussigen Light Regiment, the 28th Nassau Orange Regiment, and a company of Jager volunteers.  The division was supported by two batteries of artillery, one a field battery and the other a horse battery.

After the Brunswick infantry and artillery, these were next units I had actually painted for the Quatre Bras project.  The Perry Miniatures Nassau and Dutch Belgian ranges for 1815 have these units, plus others needed for Waterloo if you want to 'do the big one,' Waterloo.

So let's look at the first brigade, with the 7th Belgian line first.  The Belgian line units wore a dark blue coat with white facings and the Belgic 'false front' shako.  The 7th was stationed near and later in  the Bossu woods.

The next unit is the 27th Jager battalion, a Dutch unit. The jagers held a long part of the frontage early on in the battle, got caught in skirmish order by the French light cavalry and suffered heavy losses.  The uniform was a dark green coat with yellow facings and grey trousers.

 There were three militia battalions, the 5th, 7th and 8th.  They, like all militia units wore a dark blue coat with  orange facings, white trousers and a stovepipe shako. They performed well, holding off French attacks both in the filed and garrisoning several farmhouses on the battlefield.

The flags are from Warflags, the colors used on the figures are Ceramcoat black, Opaque Blue, Hippo Grey, a GW orange, a tube acrylic white, and Vallejo metallics.  The jagers were washed over with a hooker green ink covering a lighter green.

There are packs of officers and casualties as part of the range.  Above show the three colonels available and a portion of the casualty pack.  You may recognize one of the chaps from the blog's masthead.

The Horse Artillery battery supported the First Brigade near the Gemeincourt farm.The unit was armed with six pounders.

So that's all I have for now on the Dutch Belgian Brigade, except for General here.


  1. Nice addition to the forces; I especially like the Dutch Jagers!

  2. I enjoyed the jagers, actually painting all the figures in the project has been fun.

  3. Great job, I have just bought the figures for the Brunswick Corp as well as Perponchers division, so I will follow your lead.

  4. Nice work. I really like the casualty figures.

  5. John, you are in for a treat painting the figures. Let us know how you get along with the project.

    Barry, I thought you'd like the casualty vignette. More casualty figures are coming.

  6. The Dutch-Belgians are a colourful lot aren't they, with some interesting little nuances to their uniforms? Another great paint job. Thanks for posting the piccies.

  7. Very nice figs, a great work! The Dutch Jägers and the belgium line are my favourites!

  8. Thanks, I will be getting a post on the Nassau brigade next, if I can just finish a few things first......