Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hanoverian Jagers, continued

The time between Christmas and New Year's Day saw no games but a bunch of planning for some January games as well as progress on the painting queue.

I did get the Jagers farther along, yet not quite done.  The greens continue to be Ceramcoat colors, as are the grays; the yellow is an artist's tube acrylic Cadmium Yellow, the metallics are Vallejo gun metal and brass.
 The officer in a rather poor photo.
 Farther back but better quality photos of the group of eight figures.

Also in the active painting queue are some Hanoverian militia for Best's Brigade.  Again, some steps to complete them are needed.

Sorry for the backhanded presentation, but the Hanoverians are not very far along.

Finally a few horses for a limber and supply wagon are also in the loop.  More on them later.

I have also been busy with correspondence in our psuedo historical game equating to a campaign.  Recently stepping down as player/umpire to player,  I have had to reestablish diplomacy, being on a more direct and yet more focused ruler.  You'll get treated to some battle reports, please allow for these to be more or less true to all the facts.  It's my blog, after all!


  1. Very nice progress. How are you planning to base these if I may ask?

  2. I plan to use 2"by 2" bases from Litko, I have already glued the castings to the bases. I will do little more terrain on the stand with these fellows. There will be two stands of three and one stand of two. The Officer and Drummer will be together with a little more embellishment on the stand.