Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally, a Blimp

I received an interesting phone call from one of my gaming friends, named Dan.  Dan is an inveterate scrounger and comes up with some amazing things at times.

I have a set of 'Zeppelin Truppen' by Bob Murch which have been the de facto bad guys in a lot of our scenarios; I mean, after all, if you can't arrive by automobile or be bothered to call ahead before showing up, your manners are suspect.

Long story short, Dan had remembered  the need for a blimp.  I'd always remarked about the lack of one, and even huffed on about getting some fabric and balsa wood, like the radio control crowd models.

Well, Dan found not only a blimp, but a proper sized one.

And now I realize the Zeppelin Truppen are so nefarious as to not respect private property......

1 comment:

  1. The blimp is way cool!

    A big thanks to Dan.