Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prussian foot artillery battery

Well, we did not go to the movies Sunday, so I painted this battery instead.

Photo taken without flash on.

The Prussian post 1806 uniforms are simple and easy to block out.  The artillery is mainly different in having black leather belts to hold equipment. The red piped black facings show up rather well on the figures. The guns are not quite that bright in real life, I may try undercoating in black next time for the woodwork on the carriages themselves next time. The castings are the Perry Miniatures foot battery firing and foot battery loading.  No two figures the same over the eight crewmen, lots of animation. ( Did I mention I like a lot of poses?)

Taken with flash on. Notice the lack of shadows!
 Basing consists of sand, PVA glue, then railroad dark earth (Lifelike) stain, then static grass and small clumps of foilage.  

Why a Prussian battery?  Well, I have a Prussian foot unit painted and another promised to be on the way.  With two units of cavalry primed and in the painting queue, I felt they needed artillery support, and the battery was eight figures and two guns.  It is the only all howitzer artillery in my collection, and has a counterpart in the 1815 campaign, as Howitzer Battery No. 1.

I may do a Corps of Prussians after I  complete my Quatre Bras project.   Might.  Sigh, who am I kidding, the black hole of Napoleonic project creep claimed me a long time ago. It's 'only ' nine battalions, or so.

Not a bad afternoon's painting.  Well, basing and priming not counted in that time.  The guns are done in Blick art supplies craft series blue, the gunners in Vallejo Prussian blue and Ceramcoat Dove Grey. The red piping done with tube acrylic.

They'll come in handy for our imagination based campaign, as well. Watch out if you stray across our borders, Benefice!


  1. A very nice looking battery, and fine basing, Joe.

    I am painting 1813 Prussians the next 6 months myself. Did you see the kickstarter-type project for 1806 Prussians announced on TMP? - if they can make that whole range, I could see doing a substantial force - I have always liked the far more colorful 1806 Prussian uniforms...

    PS - when we of Benefice make a peace treaty, we generally do it because we intend to keep it!

  2. Nice looking guns and crews!

  3. Peter and Phil, Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, but sometimes keeping the peace isn't enough!