Sunday, March 3, 2013

I 'have so' been using my time wisely

Last post I alluded to going to the picture show to see Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters.  Well, I did and it was good.  Really, even the boss liked it!   Not a movie to take the kids to see, way too gory; but with a tongue in cheek attitude and enough anachronisms in technology to make me smile.

Also screened was Jack, the Giant Slayer which we saw yesterday; we are on a roll as all the silly movies are out.  Another good romp, not too far from the story we already know but with a couple of inventive changes.

If you have a child or two under 12 but over six, this would be a good one to take them to see.  There is violence, but less graphic, more old movie style.  

After the movies, I have done some basic catching up on a few chores but little time for painting.  This should change soon, at least I hope.  There supposedly will be a few days with daytime highs over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which will allow me to spray prime for the first time in four months.

On the 'oooh, shiny' front, the Hinterland miniatures line now has crew variations, Empress has some really cool Natal Frontier Horse figures and the Perry's continue to telegraph the next few purchases I'll make as the limbers for the Austrians are announced on their 'metal on the work bench' page.

So much time, but so much more to do!  Next 'project' is to get ready for the Snappy Nappy game coming up April 20th at the Time Machine in Manchester, CT.   For more details on that, see Peter Anderson's blog at:

More later!


  1. I see some Perry Austrian Cavalry guns in my future, if nothing else.

    I am considering taking advantage of the Alban promotion an getting a start on some British line. I don't suppose you have an OOB for your final completed Quatre Bras project, so I can see what we would need additional from there for Waterloo, so as to plan my purchases better?

    I plan to set the map for the 1813 Snappy Nappy game this week.

    Tally Ho!


  2. And the limber teams!

    As for the British at Waterloo, I have not planned on the KGL brigades, there are two; any brigade not from Picton's division of British line, and not the light brigade.

    I only plan on a single brigade of the Guards.

    There's even a brigade of Hanoverians left if that is not enough red for you!

  3. Thanks, Joe; I will have to research the matter further! I have the Waterloo Companion, which probably has more than enough information. I am not overly concerned about having the "right" regiments, just the proper troop types.