Friday, April 19, 2013

Prep for Snappy Nappy game

The Time Machine in Manchester, CT will be the venue, Peter Anderson the game master for the Snappy Nappy  game set in 1813.  I am committed (maybe I should be committed) to furnish the Army of the North as a 200 point force for the Allies.

Peter's been coy about the table set ups, so I don't know what if anything he needs in the terrain department from us.  Roger, long suffering friend, is driving the two of us there and back.  He (Roger) is supplying a Bavarian Corps, and I will attempt to have him switch sides during the campaign.   After all, it would only be historical, right?

As a warm up, Roger came over today so that we could walk through a couple of turns.  The rules were pretty straightforward, and we made it through 6 turns...strategic hours, in about two hours of table top time.  It was assumed we had been given orders and had the ability to go 'up or down, as per the rules. The results were satisfying, to me at least as I had hot dice.

The real test comes tomorrow.  I will also bring a 200 point Reserve Army of Poland, an all Russian force with a large amout of seasoned and conscript infantry.

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  1. I'm lad you had a chance to play through a few turns of SN, Joe. It is pretty straightforward, actually!