Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swedish Artillery and Command

Well, a little later than I thought but here finally are the artillery units and a command  stand. The Swedish artillery was divided into two regiments of field artillery that were present in the Army of the North in 1813.
Most war game sources claim that little more than the artillery got involved when the Swedish contingent was on a battlefield, a shot at Bernadottes attempting to spare Swedish a large casualty list.  In Nafziger's book on the Battle of Leipzig it is mentioned that Swedish Jagers were involved in storming city gates on the northern side of the city.

Here is a battery: 

 The distinguishing feature was the color of the plume by regiment, yellow and white. The jacket and pants were dark blue, the Swedish Kusket (hat) was worn by both regiments.  The belting was buff and the leather pouches black.  Swedish horse artillery, according to one of the articles previously mentioned had a 'falling plume' on a shako rather than a Kusket, but I found no illustration to suggest other uniform differences.

The gun carriages were painted a 'blue-green' and I have made an attempt not to go too much too the turquoise in hue.

To finish up, I have a command stand given to me by my friend Dave.  It represents Bernadotte in the filed as commander of the Army of the North. Again, various Minifig castings were used and the flag is hand painted.

View from the front of the stand.  here he is in all his glory.

A side view, which shows off the flag.

Giving credit where credit is due.....

Again, many tabletop engagements but sadly no simulations of Leipzig for these fellows, although a chosen few get to participate in the 1813 based Snappy Nappy event this weekend.


  1. Very nice; definitely bring Bernadotte this Saturday!

    I have my own Dave Sweet painted figure - Poniatowski, painted as Marshal Eatiza Veectori of Rigel, in commemoration of the peace between that nation and his own Kingdom of Navarre.


  2. Oh, that does pierce the hoary veils of time!