Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back to painting, or, TheTale of the Prodigal Jager

Just when I thought it was safe to mount the Hanoverian jager battalion ....., the realized that I was one casting short.  After some searching various places over two days, I found the AWOL soldier, and an officer who obviously was sent to find him, hiding out in amongst a bunch of unpainted Prussians.

Now that he is rejoined with his comrades, I can present to you the complete battalion of the Grubenhaben Jagers.  The figures are from the Perry miniatures line, Hanoverian Grubenhaben center and command  is the pack type.    Most of the colors were craft paints, from Ceramcoat or Blick Art brands, although the gunmetal is Vallejo and the yellow for the sashes is from an acrylic tube of cadmium yellow.

 The Grubenhaben as they are marching to Quatre Bras, perhaps?  I might have gone a little light on portions of the jacket, which is the same dark green as the British rifle units.

A second view, showing most of the battalion. 18 castings strong and ready to participate.  The Grubenhaben Jager battalion was one of two Jager (the other being the Luneberg) and three line battalions in Kielmansegge's brigade.  I hope to have one of the line battalions done this month.

It seems that I will be able to finish off the rest of the two brigades of allied foot this summer, as I now have almost all the castings I need for both Best's and Kielmansegge's brigades.

I hope to have a battle to fight in our imaginary campaign of an ersatz early 19th Century campaign.  More soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Joe. Keep up the good work and happy painting!

  2. I keep trying to get 'just one more' unit done! Da_ _ grass is too high, I'll lose a couple evenings to that this week!

  3. They look very good. Should they show up on the table opposing my forces, though, I hope they perform as well as new Wargames units usually do their first time on the tabletop! :-)

  4. Very very nice work with these figures!

  5. Thanks for the kind words. Now if I can just get the next batch out, to confound Peter with two or more units not battle tested.