Friday, July 26, 2013

The Osnabruck militia, Hanover 1815

I did rather well this last week, I had some partially done units that sent me into a painting routine for a few days where the weather precluded much in the  way of outdoor activities.  

Similar to the Verden Landwehr from a few weeks back, the Osnabruck are outfitted with the stove pipe shako for the most part, so are slightly different from what you've seen before.

 The Osnabruck Landwehr are also contained in Best's Brigade.  Halfway there!
 The castings are Perry Miniatures, but are slightly larger than the Dutch Belgians and Brunswickers.. Great animation, though!
 Caps, shakos, varying colors on the trousers.  You can see how the Hanoverian crown was scraping together these uniforms!

The figures are again from Perry miniatures, the painting done with the craft paints and Vallejo colors I use so much.  I went with a not too dark blue for the facing color, I will vary the color 'blue' as much as I can as it appears again on other units.  Two more landwehr and one more Jager battalion to go.

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  1. Quite an ongoing parade of varied units for Quatre Bras!