Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ACW Infantry units, second act

The last two regiments of the original project were the 6th and 7th CT Volunteers.  They look remarkably the same, as they are outfitted in the blue coat/blue pants with kepi that was the predominate uniform in the US forces. I did attempt some 'terrain-ing' of the stands, adding very local rocks (CT red sandstone) and some worm fencing (of which I am inordinately proud of how they came out) to the stands.

 Some of the sandstone and an errant rail in view near the 6th CT.

6th CT command stand.

7th CT command stand with rail fence.  HO size timbers, washed with black ink & water made nice weathered fence rails.  The fence style is the 'worm' variety which is simply laying rails interleaved on the ends. This takes a lot of wood, but since you needed to cut the trees to till the fields, it served two purposes. Click on the photo for a closer look.


  1. Like most towns in the East, New Milford (CT) has a large Civil War memorial at the head of the green, bearing bust of Lincoln and a listing of all the men from the town who served over the course of the war.

  2. Of course in CT itself, most "fences" were rock walls, because the glaciers left such an abundance of rocks in the Earth that you started farming the land, you HAD to do SOMETHING with them, and something that preferably involved carrying them as short a distance as possible. After northern NJ, these glacial rocks are absent, making farming much easier, and rock walls uncommon... hence the split rail fences!

  3. They look great Joe.

    Plenty of 'blonde' boys amongst those CT lads, hey?! :)

  4. Peter, If I ever do AWI, there will be some stone walls.....

    James, yeah, it was my start of different 'hair color for men' in hte units. You should look for redheads in my Highland units.