Sunday, August 4, 2013

ACW Units

Locally, some of the gamers are considering putting toes in the water of the ACW.  I thought I'd share the units I have available with everyone.  These are mostly Dixon, painted in the early to mid 1990's.  The units were a project based on a like number of Confederates being painted by my long time gaming friend Roger.

The first two:

 I must go and add paint to trim the bases!  The dismounted cavalry unit is of 4 stands, as under the Johnny Reb rules we used, the fifth stand was detailed off as horse holders.
 Artillery batteries had three stands.

The infantry consisted of five units, and later I added a sixth.  The first up is the NY Volunteer Regiment nicknamed the Garibaldi Guards.
I'll follow up in the next post with the rest of the infantry.


  1. I think the Dixons look fantastic! Johnny Reb is also my ACW rules set of choice.

  2. They were fun to paint, such animation in the poses and the raised detail helps too.