Friday, August 16, 2013

August seems like a bad month for sanity

Last year my thoughts turned to Pulp, which for me includes horror if it's set inthe 1920-1940 era.   This year I started to paint some figures for the Mansions of Madness boardgame I acquired back in the fall!    So far there's been one attempt at a game, bit of a learning curve when no one playing has 'done it' before.

But the mini's are cool.  Here are a few, the ones that I have gotten done.  

 A fellow who matches wits against the dark forces.

 A rather stylish heroine who relies on firepower and grace.

 A rather rough character to whom all solutions involve a Thompson singing.

A woman who relates to research and lore before firearms.

They all go into houses that most of us avoid walking past.  Why do they do it?  Do they hear things we don't?  Would you want to see things that they see or hear things that they hear?   Really?  

There are people who you might not want to meet on a dark staircase....can you say witch?  Especially when they are hummming "I 've got you under my spell."

Of course there are also scarier things than witches that go 'bump in the night.' 
Cthullu stuff is so inspiring. So cuddly, so much to squirm with....

I won't win any awards for these, but they paint up fast and are a nice change from lace and cords and all that stuff!  I'll clean up the bases when I finish the other figures in the set.

The game promises to play rather more quickly than our first attempt, and is a cross between role play and a board game.  Of course anything with miniatures this cool.....uh, I already said that didn't I? Losing it already, am I?


  1. I think they came out looking very creditable!

  2. Glad you like them. i think I will enlist the beastie with tentacles as a master sapper in the Ratlandian army......

  3. It was the 'fun' mini in this group. There's yet another in the box, I will probably try something different with the second one. There's also the investigator armed with a guitar and a dog.

  4. Nice, very nice looking minis! Chtulu is a nice inspiration!