Thursday, August 1, 2013

Napoleonic Swedish Line Infantry Standards

Whoa, I had forgotten that I had not posted information on the Swedish Infantry figures.  I am 'in the middle' of rebasing the units, but I did want to share this resource with you

I had earlier painted the Swedish standards by  hand.  The results were passable but I had always thought I might go back and redraw the unit flags.  Recently I found a website which not only provided information on Swedish infantry in English, in a format useful for a wargamer or just an English language speaker who wanted to know a little bit more on individual units.  Best of all, the site has flags for the infantry units.  There are a lot of unit's standards, most from at least early and later in the Napoleonic Wars.  The site owner says he will send a file ( I think in powerpoint) for a nominal fee of the standards----all 77 of them. I have emailed today for the file, and plan to use the flags to 're-standard' ( I know it's not a real word) my Swedes.

There are also a few nuggets of information on the Swedish units from the short unit histories provided, take the time to read them!

So where is this resource?  It's called Sword and Saber.

Some of the standards  printed and mounted (I just couldn't wait):

 Kronberg and North Scania
 Jamtlands and Wastmanland

Narika and Vastgotha 



  1. Between us we must have at least 10% of all the Swedish Napoleonics in the US, I think!

    I painted my flags by hand as well, and IMHO they still look quite good. The printed flags do look great, though, and I have definitely bookmarked the site!

  2. Cool figs, pancerni! To my mind, they look like Naismith, are they? Lars [the owner of Sword and Saber] is a great guy and wonderful just to talk to. I've used his standards for my 1788 Russo-Swedish War project as well and they are awesome!

    Gonsalvo, don't know about the States but wargaming with any Swedes that aren't GNW or TYW definitely puts one in a select group! We are few, we are proud and we are insane!

  3. Swampking,

    The figures are 25mm Minifigs, most are painted in the 1980's. I had shown the cavalry and artillery units back a few posts. Naismiths are similiar, except that the Naismiths are in 15mm scale.