Saturday, September 7, 2013

A few stands added to increase the units' size

Since it appears that locally eighteen has become  the new twelve, I have painted a few extra figures for a unit of Dutch Belgian militia and some Hanoverian Verden Militia Battalion.  And you all thought I'd stopped painting!  It's been busier on the yard, social obligation and work calendars lately but it's mostly been basing and photographing that's fallen behind.

Anyway, here is a couple shots of some newly painted castings:

These Dutch Belgian Militia are to fill in units to recreate of the brigades in Chasse's Division.  Although not at Quatre Bras, it is this division that sent troops to help throw back the attack of the French guard at Waterloo.  But mainly I got a deal on some Dutch line unit castings, the brigade involved could be made by the line units and some judicious juggling of figures I already had in my Q-B project.

The Hanoverians are simply to increase a unit I finished earlier this year at a strength of 12 castings.  The extras brings the unit in line with the rest of the units that will be in Best's Brigade on the table. Here's the entire unit, ready to go!

This leaves the Luneberg field battalion, two more Hanoverian militia battalions, and some artillery to complete the Anglo-Dutch forces, prior to the British Guard Brigade showing up, at Quatre Bras.  Of course, I could do those units as well. So many toys, so little time.


  1. Nice additions! As you know, I use 18 figures for most of my Infantry units, but for many militia or rarely seen units, I do 12, as that's the strength I run the units at for Convention games (decreases player confusion and lead transport... plus two 18 figure units can become three 12 figure ones)

  2. I am counting on countering those horde of French line on equal basis , at least at the unit level. And I bet over time your militia units flesh out.