Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best's Brigade ---Done!

Yep, my last brigade for the allied side of the battle of  Quatre Bras.  The Luneberg battalion completes the brigade.  I will have Col. Best appear in the uniform of a British Light Infantry colonel soon.

The battalion was yet another of the Landwehr battalions that sported facings of blue.  I used Opaque blue for the facings, Cardinal Red for the coats, tube acrylics for the yellow (sashes) and white (belts).  I tried something a little different, I mixed up some watered down brown ink with the future wax concoction for a sort of 'dip' effect, but applied it only to the coat and sashes.

I'll let you judge whether it was effective!

A photo of the Luneberg battalion...honest, it's not the Munden Battalion from last week!

A photo of the entire brigade. Best and Kielmansegge, the brigade commanders for the Hanoverians, are 'in process'  and should be ready for table appearance about the time I have a scenario set up.

 At least for the time being, I am providing some conjectural colors for the Landwehr flags.  Photo copied B&W from an old Osprey book on the Hanoverians, and hand colored with pencil shade by yours truly.  Two battalions now have at least one color!

With the main Allied forces at Quatre Bras now completed, I can vary my projects a little more (big deal....the next units in my queue are RA and RHA batteries for the 1815 campaign...not much branching out there) as far as army and period.

Also, I'm going to cover my adventures in 'space' and WW2 a bit more often.  But there will be posts on Quatre Bras as I try to nail down the scenario for the table top.  'Til next post.


  1. As I am painting my first British units now, I had thought about trying a dark Brown "magic wash" instead of black; still undecided there.

    I'll look forward to your developing the QB scenario, and maybe some playtests!

  2. A brown will work better on red than black, tried it, trust me. There will be several ideas for Q-B games coming up. Definitely some fun!