Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hanoverian Militia, 1815

Well, coming to the end of a project is always interesting.  The painting has really slowed this last six weeks, as have the blog entries.  Only three games in the last two months, all WW2 Eastern front in 20mm, and none of these in the last two weeks.

Finally got back some painting mojo, so here is one of the last  two Hanoverian Landwehr battalions in Best's Brigade , the  Munden (there should be an umlaut over the 'u' in Munden, come to think about it, probably in Luneberg as well!)

Both units had blue facings, and I opted for the drum bodies to be in the facing color. The units saw a lot of action at Quatre Bras, fighting near the East-West road at first and later advancing toward the French in the mix with British and Brunswick units.

I cannot find anything on standards for the specific  Hanoverian Landwehr battalions, so I am contemplating putting out with cased colors for now.

And now the photo.  This time, all the Hanoverians in a group.
The militia are to the front.  Just behind the artillery.  Just the Luneberg Landwehr battalion to go, and Bet's Brigade will be done.


  1. Very nice looking force, Joe!

    I did some searching and found that GMB does flags, the known ones plus some conjectural:


    Do you have Keith Over's books on Napoleonic flags; there are a few pictures and descriptions in that that I can scan in for you if interested.

    I Aam working up an OOB for Waterloo, and it brings home what a relatively small proportion of the "Allied" army were actually British - well over half the army probably spoke German as a 1st or second language, maybe even higher. I kind of knew that already, but still...


  2. I had noticed the GMB flags before, although I don't remember so many being available. I may well go that route, thanks for the tip. Cased colors is a last resort, after all!
    There are a lot on not British in the Waterloo OOB. But a lot of red coats!

    1. Yes, despite the majority of the army NOT being british, they were still the largest single component.... and the "glue" that held it together. Painting British infantry now - a first in my 45 yeasr in the hobby! :-)