Tuesday, December 31, 2013

R.A., KGL, and RHA batteries complete

The divisional artillery for Alton's Division that arrived at Quatre Bras, and the RHA batteries that arrived as well are completed today.  Whew, made it under the wire  for the year. Each battery has two gun models with four crew per model.

Here's the proof: first Lloyd's and Cleeves' batteries.  The Perry nine pounder RA crews, in full uniform and in shirtsleeves are the figures.   The paints are again craft paints for the most part, with the metals (steel and brass) by Vallejo.

 Cleeve's battery  K.G.L.

 Lloyd's Royal Artillery

Next up, the RHA batteries of Mercer and Bull.  I do not know which two batteries were with the guards on the west side of the field, but these two represent the nines and the howitzers present.
 Bull's was the troop equipped with the howitzers.

 Mercer's were armed with nine pounders.

Final shot to see they are not parading around to fluff up the count.
Great figures, easy to paint a lot of detail, these and the other batteries, from Picton's Division made up the British artillery at Quatre Bras.  With the Dutch Belgian and Brunswick batteries, there was a overall Anglo Allied piece count higher than the French.  I have the artillery commanders' pack, they will come later as they get painted.


  1. Mercer's Troop started on the right wing and then moved into the center where it helped shoot up the massive French cavalry charges.


  2. Talk about under the wire! :-)

    I especially like the RHA, and the crewmen holding their ears. Oddly enough, I just painted the first color on my own RHA last night.

  3. It's what happens when I try to do them all at once. Nothing but ordnance this last few days.

  4. These guys are really nice, great work!

  5. Thanks, they were just enough for a couple busy painting days. Hopefully they'll see some table top action soon.