Monday, January 20, 2014

Today is not a mail delivery day, pish tosh!

Waiting for my copy of "In Her Majesty's Name"  But it is a state holiday and there's no mail delivery.  Thank goodness the Half Door Pub was open, the boss and I got out for lunch.  After five days of each other taking turns being sick from a stomach bug, maybe that was better anyway.  " Guinness fer strength," ya know, 'n' all that.

I am really antsy as I found the IHMN fan site and realized I have figures that will create

 a Naval Landing Party, 

Tarzan and his Friends,

 and an Apache War band !  

The first two groups are even painted already.  I am sure I can also cook up a US Cavalry Patrol and

a Chinese Secret Society band.  

Of course, I should wait for the books and see how a campaign works before I try to get them all together on the Baja California coast.

Hmmm, Bolt Action, Pulp, M-K Galactic Space warfare, Napoleonics, Renaissance, Mansions of Madness and now IHMN.   It's a shame I have to work, don'cha know?

Hmmm, where did I put that blank notebook?


  1. Hmm, if you keep this up I might have to complete my half painted Eureka Portuguese Colonials...