Sunday, February 23, 2014

Entomolians Arrive base and get coated green

Just arrived in time for the cold month of February, the reinforcements for the Federation fleet and the first wave of the Entomolians.

I have had a set of cruisers and a battle cruiser for the Federated Fleet, the recent arrivals are six destroyers and two destroyer leaders, as well as the federation Mars class star bombers. Now I can field against the Aquarians, the 'Winsted ' Carnivores or the Entomolian scourge!

The Federated planet destroyers really look like the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyers, the Mars star bombers look like 'all business' as well.   The Entomolian destroyers, with the twin stinger nose configuration look nasty, while the cruisers look formidable.  I'll have to dry run both against the Aquarian fleet and against each other.  

 Entomolian cruiser
 Entomolian destroyer

Entomolian DDL

Here is  a photo of each group in all their base coated glory, which for the Fed's is a pretty close approximation of the final result. The counters are for ship ID in a game.

 Entomolian squadron.

 Federation Cruisers, Detroyers and a DDL

Next order will include the Avarians, some destroyer and DDL class ships as well as enough cruisers for the requisite  five.   Then I'll develop a couple of space stations of various sizes to become home for fighter squadrons and more importantly something to fight over.


  1. Nice additions to the fleets! I think we're corning the market on these ships here in CT! :-)

  2. Yep, we have a few. I hope the rules keep expanding in scope, like the idea behind stations, maybe some thoughts on using the great star system maps into a campaign framework.

  3. Exactly! I have a couple of Space stations myself to paint.