Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tarzan and his Jungle Band

Yeah, cheesy song,  I'm dating myself again. IHMN however, treats Tarzan and his Jungle Band well in the fan produced list.  It was the basis of trying out the rules for the first time .  See the list here:

 I traveled over to the Time Machine in Manchester (CT), meeting Thomas for a game.   After catching up with a few of the local gaming fauna, we set out for a little corner of Darkest Africa, home of the famed Watchamacallit Orchid.  The famous ingredient to many medicines later in the 21st Century, it was considered at the time a possible zombie making compound if the ground pistils were added to various chemicals. 

The Zanzibari slavers are based on East African pirates/slave traders from the 19th Century, a mix of matchlocks and sword and shield with a leader and a first mate.  Not too archaic but certainly not  high tech for the VSF feel of the basic setting in the rules. 

So that's the background why Tarzan, Jane and a few close friends tried to stop the Zanzibari slavers from branching out into harvesting special plants. Armed with cease and desist banana leaves, Tarzan, Jane and friends attempted to stop the wily T'omasK and his band of slavers. 

The terrain ( I can not believe I did not take a table shot!)   had a four building village near the docks, opposite was the edge of the great jungle thinning out to clumps of bush nearer the settlement.  The scenario was 'grab the shiny stuff' which was represented by ...shiny pennies, change from my last purchase. 

Tarzan, Jane, the great apes and the witch doctor deployed in outskirts of the jungle.  The spear men and the chief deployed across from the center treasure in some heavy brush.  The Slavers put two matchlock men in the upper stories, two at ground level, the mate and captain and the swordsmen grouped loosely on the ground in the center of the battlefield. 

The first prize went tot he great apes as one dashed forward and scooped up the Watchamacallit orchid.  Tarzan set himself in a position to use his bow, and the spear men advanced. 

 Jane in the cross hairs!

 Spearmen attack to capture center treasure.


 An epic six figures struggle, the spear men slowly prevailing!

 Spear against knife.
 Gorilla against knife, not good for the slaver!
Tarzan and Mangani see the pirates get away, with two out of three of the rare blooms!

The Slavers were not co-operative, came in fast, scooped up two of the prize objectives, and slunk away with a rear guard of three holding off the spear men while the center and right of the Slavers fell back to the boats. The Slaver Captain just smiled when asked about the fate of the crew left behind.  I think Thomas gets to play the villain  again next time.


  1. Looks like a fun little game!

    Even I don't recall the cheesy song, but I enjoyed watching the accompanying Tarzan clips!

  2. Glad you liked the song. Even Pat did not remember hearing it. I have an elephant's memory for those types of songs. Too bad I can't sing at all.

  3. The loot is worth everything. The crew? There is more in the next harbor dive, plus I do not have to pay the ones left behind! Lol.

  4. Thanks for the nice little game. Was fun!

  5. Thomas, I see the future and you can always play the villain's side; being nefarious suits you. ;-)