Wednesday, October 29, 2014

British supply wagon and RHA limber

Recent painted items include some additions to the supply train and a limber for the Royal Horse artillery batteries.  The drivers, wearing a simplified version of the RHA uniform, were fun to paint.  The model, from the Perry Miniatures British Napoleonic range, was a gift from my long suffering  wife.   Just about all craft paints, from Delta Ceramcoat to Apple Barrel were used to paint the crew and wagon.

 The supply wagon in all its glory.

 Close up of the wagon and the animated attendant.
Detail of the drivers.

RHA Limber
The limber continues my attempt to show at least one limber per artillery type on the tabletop.  No wondering whether the battery is ready for action or limbered for movement.  The set is again from the Perry brothers' British Napoleonic line.  One of my favorite uniforms to paint.  Certainly not the fastest!
 Shot without the flash.
 Shot with flash...washes out some of the color.

More detail
Final shot. Great detail on the limber itself.

More next time.  Maybe something different.


  1. Love the supply wagon, excellent job!

  2. I love the Wagon and the Limber! I like the look of these accessories, but I'm cheap when it comes to the cost and painting time. Using them on the table certainly makes the large foot print of artillery units much more apparent!

  3. If you use the models to show the real etsate needed to serve and service the guns, the need for the supporting arms in the period is easier to model. And, the artillery stops being overpowered, reducing the need for rules to make it weaker than it is.