Monday, October 27, 2014

Had to get these .... artillery for the Kielmansegge Freikorps

Well, Kielmansegge's Jager Corps at some time in its existence had a one pounder canon attached, served by crew from the Jager's ranks. 

Now that just means if it's made (and it is, thanks to the good folk of Westfalia Miniatures)  I must include it into the unit.

The packaging came through with a business card...clever marketing, eh?
 Very carefully packed, as you can see.
 One view of the crew after priming. No flash to speak of on these very clean castings.

 I did take the opportunity to double the number of Jager castings I have.  These will mount on washers to use in skirmish games.
Such nice figures.  I will paint them up soon.
There is actually more detail in the kit than I am showing.  Pull ropes are included. Hmmm, how to base these?

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