Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beware the Ides of March- the move to plastic

With the availability of so many nice plastic kits for 28mm Napoleonics I decided to take the plunge and purchase some for the next phase of collecting, the light cavalry of the Anglo-Allied Army in the 1815 campaign.  The master plan is to obtain some of the Light Dragoon kits, when available as well.

The kits need no introduction as they have been around a couple of years, but I thought you might enjoy my halting attempts to transform grey plastic into table ready units.

Here is the first view, I managed to put together the horses and a few of the riders as I wait for the temperatures around here to climb into the 50's so I can spray the primer on them.

The figures and horses fit well, there are three choices of headgear for the troops.  This allows any of the units dressed as Huzzars in the British army in the Peninsula or 1815 campaign to be modeled.  More on which units I picked, later.


  1. Excellent start! It was warm enough in the garage this week for me to spay primer and varnish. Now working on 30 Prussian Dragoon figures, some of which will be Pommeranian Landwehr cavalry, some mounted horse artillerymen, and the majority will be used to make up 2 new Dragoon regiments.

  2. I may prime these few with gesso to get them in the queue. I just shoveled off 15" of snow from the patio, the rest of the week is forecasted only in the 40's.