Monday, August 17, 2015

More Dutch Belgian Cavalry

Hmm, truth in advertising at work.  I have finished painting all three units for Tripp's Brigade in 1815.  These completed units finish off from the stands painted for the April Snappy Nappy game, as well as the final unit in the heavy brigade of Netherlands cavalry in 1815..

The troops are are Perry miniatures, from the Dutch Belgian range in the Perry Napoleonic group.

First up are the 1st Carbiniers, still in the old uniform with the bicorne.  The 1st regiment had yellow facings and "hound's teeth" on the saddle sheepskin. The unit saw combat at Waterloo, performing counter charges to the French cavalry units assaulting the Anglo-Allied infantry squares.

 The saddle cloths were dark blue, as were the round valises.  Both had white tape. The bugler was in reverse colors for the jacket.

 The poses were very active in these, with a cavalryman sporting a head bandage as well.  Obviously the unit has been busy already. All the poses were one piece, horse and rider, with the exception of the bugler, who had a separate arm.

A photo of the unit in line.  Seems I have an extra casting for other projects. 

The second unit was aptly enough the 2nd(Belgian) Carbiniers, who, unlike the 1st and 3rd regiments, did use the 'new' uniform.  Rather than the bicorne, the 2nd sported a classical styled helmet in steel. The facings and hounds teeth were red for the 2nd regiment, which is a nice combination of strong colors to paint. The unit was also very busy as a counter to the French afternoon charges on the Allied squares.  Trip's Brigade was the only brigade nominally a heavy cavalry status that did not get chewed up in the charge that the Union and Household Brigades made earlier against the French infantry attack by Marshall D'Erlon. Throughout the afternoon they counter charged the French cavalry attacking the Allied squares.

 There is an additional pose in this unit as opposed to the 1st Carbiniers. You can see the 'sword down at the side' pose in the rear rank, which includes almost a rearing up with the horse. Neat effect.

Again, the trumpeter wore reversed colors,  see the right hand figure in the first photo.  

I used my usual collection of craft paints (delta ceramcoat blues, Blick supply black and red; Vallejo for the flesh, steel and brass; tube acrylics for the white and yellow.  The bases are the Litko 2x2 inch thin (1/8th? ) with sand white glued down, covered in a railroad modeler ground cover dark brown, with static grass as the detailing. 

Some of you will note I did not paint the red stripe on the overalls.  I get conflicting stories on the stripe being added after Waterloo, so I left it off; always can paint it on later. 

Which is almost what I did to the third unit in the brigade!

The final unit in the brigade was the 3rd Carbiniers,  who also sported the 'old' uniform with the bicorne.  The regimental facing color was a 'red pink' which I have shown here in a Blick craft color.  The poses are the same as for the 1st Regiment, indeed, the same line item packs from the catalog were used as for the other unit.
 Overall shot of the 3rd Regiment.
 Look, I have remembered how to use the camera's Macro!

I also have a long term project, in that although I have the figures, I do need to paint them all for the full effect. Here is a hint, the figure painting is a work in progress. (Yes, I did buy that many boxes to get the figure. Of course I will paint all of the troops as well. )

After all, I need something to scout the French with in the next Waterloo campaign.


  1. The Carabiniers are very intriguing to me. I wonder why they chose to fit the two "Dutch" units out with bicornes just as almost every country in Europe had phased them out Perhaps they got a good deal on them in clearance from the Saxons?! :-) Regardless, they are fine additions.

    I have the Belgian Carabiniers myself...except they are destined to be painted up as the Italian Guardia di Onore!

    As for the project, hmmm - the entire Dutch Belgian Army of 1815? You're pretty close to that already!

    The entire Anglo Allied OOB for Waterloo, ie a *Waterloo *in Progress? Could be!

  2. The 1st and 3rd regiments were wearing the 'old' uniform. I don't know if that means from before the French takeover or simply 'old style' but the hats are unique by this time.
    As to the entire Dutch-Belgian force for 1815, I will probably complete Chasse's division...I already have the figures for one of the Brigades.
    Nor will I do the entire OOB for Waterloo. But I may just do Gihgny's Light Cav brigade for the Dutch Belgians, since I already have Tripp and Melen.
    But you are close. Think cavalry, lots of cavalry. And 1815 British, of course.

    1. OK, then all of the British Cavalry for Waterloo -

      Per Adkins:

      1st (Household) Brigade, Somerset
      1st Life Guards
      2nd Life Guards
      Horse Guards
      1st Dragoon Guards

      2nd (Union) Brigade - Ponsomby
      1st (ROayl) Dragoons
      2nd (Royal North British/Scots Greys) Dragoons
      6th (inniskilling) Dragoons

      3rd Brigade (Dorneberg)
      23rd Light Dragooons
      1st KGL Light Dragoons
      2nd KGL LIght Dragoons

      4th Brigade (Vandeleur)
      11th Light vDragopons
      12th light Dragoons
      167th Light Dragoons

      5th Brigade (Grant)
      7th Hussars
      15th Hussars
      13th Light Dragoons

      6th Brigade (Vivian)
      10th Huissars
      18th Hussars
      1st KGL Hussars

      7th Brigade
      3rd KGL Hussars

      That's 20 Regiments if you do them all at 8 figs/unit including the excellent KGL units. Yikes!

      My French Army, including the many Guard units, has 26 regiments. I may need to add a few more, LOL!

      Of course there's also the Dutch-Belgian and Brunswick Cavalry too, much of which you have already painted, and the infamous Hanoverian Cumberland Hussars.

  3. I have been found out.
    Yes, the Union Brigade, Vandaleur's Brigade (the big guy photo in post), the 7th Brigade and the Hanoverian brigade are all WIP except for the odd unit. Add to that two of the three Dutch Belgian Brigades and the Brunswickers. so 17 regiments anyway, give or take.
    For elites I had planed on procuring the Household Brigade next year.
    As for Dornberg, Grant and Vivian..... not planned but possile after my Russian and Prussian updates.

    It's more a matter of table space and a good scenario, besides the time.

    And then, there is my secret Austrian project. Ooops, almost told on that one.

    1. Geheime Oestericher Plan?

      Sounds Kaiser-licken good! :-)