Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post South Borodino, May 5.

Well, if the game at Historicon is half as much fun as the two play tests, it will be a barn burner.  I tried to hold the Fleches, got run over and flanked; in the center three Russian Cuirassier regiments held off ten French cavalry units, destroying three French Cuirassier units in the process, and to the South, a militia unit of Moscow Opelcheynie (sp!) routed a Polish line battalion.  We called the game after four hours of play, with the Russian and French players to commit the respective Guards into the fray.

The table will run 30 feet, here are a few shots of the game table from today. First the obligatory down the table view, ten feet of French and Russian troops, Greg and Barry, the well played Russian commanders are looking at the dispositions, although Barry may be asking Patrick Stewart advice on tactics at the time of the photo.

The game is being played with Piquet's Field of Battle, 2d Edition rules (FOB2).

Russian Army Reserve Artillery, 8 batteries, representing over 100 guns in the battle.   

Watch for more information here or Czar Barry's or Peter's Blunder on the Danube blogs. (see links).


  1. Joe, as I recall I was asking Picard for advice on how to stop my hair loss…

  2. Joe, you were a very good sport about Jim rolling up your flank big time in this one!

    That Reserve artillery does look impressive!

  3. Jim did a good job that day, he had the wind at his back with those sequence pulls of yours as well.

    I need to stop rolling 1's as they are odd and do no good in FOB2.

    The artillery reserve does look good. It will look better, the 1809 shako'd 12# crew arrived in the mail Monday. And the High Command pack as well! Both are already primed. There will be another Russian line limber team available by HCon as well.

    I probably will get a battery of 12's with the fatigue caps, just because they look good. That should get me to parity with Czar Barry in tubes. ;-)

  4. Well, then I'll just have to get to work on the forty Russian artillery crew *I* have primed to make up another six batteries of my own... got to keep up with the, uh, Ivans! There sure will be a heck of a lot of Russian guns if the reserve artillery formations all make it onto the table this time.

  5. There is no such thing as 'too many' Russian guns.