Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perry Russian Napoleonic "High Command" set presented

I did get the Russian High Comand pack from the Perry's line about six weeks ago.  I was impressed with the figures, done in the style which matches up with the rest of their Napoleonics, and each figure full of personality.  Armed with the B&W photo from the 'work in progress ' page and the excellently painted group by Steve May showing on the 'storefront' page for the Russian Napoleonic metal line I worked through the figures as a start or end segment of each painting session since my post back in May.  Here are the results. This is as good as it gets for my painting, folks:

First up, a scene with the overall commander of the Russian forces, FM Kutusov, General Yamolov, 1st Army Chief of Staff, and Col. Toll, the Quartermaster for the 1st Army.   All dressed up on a 4 inch circle purchased from a craft store (either Michaels or AC Moore, they both carry the same sizes).

The white in the rear area of the base is not snow (we're modeling Borodino, not the retreat) but rather an area where I'll record who is on the stand, to help ID the stand during the game. The brown area will get some flocking and low brush as the paint dries.  Next up the 1st Army Reserve Artillery commander.

This is General Koutaissov,  lining up a reference point for the batteries to deploy facing.   In the actual battle, he died leading a counterattack into on of the works on the battlefield, thus leaving the cannons in reserve without a commander.   Maybe we can keep him busy with ordering guns about and he can miss catching the enemy in  a bad way for him personally.

Just like a Cavalry man to strke a pose!

 The next figure represents the commander of the Cavalry in First Army, General Ouvarov.  The figure looks as if he is at ease for the moment and definitely not impressed with the enemies' efforts so far.  I do hope the Russian cavalry does as well as they did in the play testing..

The figure wearing the overcoat across one shoulder represents General Osterman Tolstoy.  Yep, that Tolstoy. Both the Ouvarov and the Tolstoy figures have enough personality to sit in as Corp Commanders with the aid of a lager base or 'hangers-on'  so again, no snow but a place to write the name down is shown.
The bases for all the single figures are wooden, two inch circles from one of the two craft stores.

I wonder what his order sheet says?
Finally, the figure for the Commander of he 1st Army of the West, General Barclay de Tolly.
 He'll hang with Kutusov at first, but could be moved to a trouble spot as needed during the game. 

I did not do the General Wilson figure, he observed, did not command.   I do promise he'll show up at a later date.

The Russian Green is a craft paint color 'Black Green,' the grey coats a color called 'Hippo Grey' ( also a craft color) the red, white and gold from tubes of artists these for coverage and control. Flesh is from Howard Hues, brass and steel from Vallejo.  Black from a craft color and Vallejjo.

Ground cover is extra coarse artists' pumice, from Blick Art Supply store.  I liked the way it looked, I may start using this on stands instead of white glue and sand.  Color by lifelike ground cover-brown.

Hope you get to the table in July at Fredericksburg, we (the Hofkreig Rats) do a different game each of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, evenings at 7, Polotsk, Borodino, Maloyaloslavets, ...I think I have got the order correct.

Dang, just as I am typing the middle of this post, the order from England including the ambulance set for the Russians arrived in my mailbox. Maybe I am not done yet.  It's 100 degrees F and very muggy outside, so I cannot even prime the figures today, nor tomorrow as it is to be the third day of 90 plus here in CT.  It is summer but Mother Nature is being a bit literal with the first three days being so hot.  Yesterday was 97 F. 

But then, I have had central air since last summer! ;-)


  1. Lovely looking figures, Joe.

    I suggest General Wilson as the subject of a "Gadfly of the Month" post, LOL!

    BTW order is 1st Polotsk Thursday evening, Borodino Friday evening, and Maloyarslavets Saturday afternoon.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I will amend the post!

      I may do Wilson up as an observer to the Benefice Army , from Ratlandia.

  3. General Ouvarov is my gr2 grandfather! Great to have a pic of him in his uniform. lol thanks

  4. General Ouvarov is my gr2 grandfather! Great to have a pic of him in his uniform. lol thanks

  5. You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the photo.