Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Russians are coming, soon, really!

Well, the artillery crew is nearly done, as the jager  and line battalion for Historicon's Russia 1812 game series.    The OG figures in overcoats will get a brown wash, some craft paint mixed with the 'magic wash.'

 The first battalion is done, and mounted on stands.  That unit will wait until the other two battalions are complete before the bases are dressed.  The figure shown is obviously 'in progress.'  I'll have to finish the last battalions,  the crews for the 12 pounders and the riders for the limber.

 I have selected a few of the figures from the High Command set (Perry Miniatures)  to form this vignette on a larger base.  Shown above are Kutusov, his Chief and staff and QM General.  All the detail work yet to be done.  Look for them near the Russian baseline at the FoB Borodino game this Historicon.

 The remaining Russian generals in these two photos, just chock full of animation and details; lots of blue, gold, and black yet to be done here!
It's a rainy day, I have two more posts to make and then it's back ti the painting table until the social event of the day occurs.


  1. Looking good, Joe. I wonder if the tables will hold the weight of all that gold buillion?

  2. Good one! ( Should we bring table bracings?)

  3. Are all of the command figures from the Perry line? I really like the guy leaning on his sword.

  4. All the figures are from the one pack in the Russian metal range. I think it is the first listed pack on hteir website of the Russian range.