Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quatre Bras project Units by Command

Years ago, enamored with the line of figures representing the Brunswick army the Perry brothers came out with for the 1815 campaign,  I bought enough to do all the troops in the Dutch-Belgian campaign.  That lead to some Nassau troops, some Dutch Belgian troops and more recently some British units.  I have the luxury of friends who have French units already, you see.

I was laying out some of my newly painted units for a game and realized that I am within two units for the Allied side of my project to be done.  I decided to post the commands that are 'done' or nearly so...well, because this is a blog about miniatures, after all.

Without going over the details of this fascinating battle, let me just say it intrigued me as the archetypal meeting engagement.  Both sides brought in troops, the Anglo-Allied  units starting outnumbered but holding ground, hard pressed even as reinforcements slowly tilted the battle in their favor by evening.  Most of the commands in the battle were of a 'brigade' size, usually five to six units of infantry, two or three regiments of cavalry. 

So, by brigade, Brits first:

Most of the early arrivals were from Picton's Division.  While I don't have Picton's figure yet, I do have all the units represented and almost all of these painted.  I did a post back a bit on the three brigade commanders, all of which are from the same pack from the Perry miniatures line.  Pack, Kempf, Halkett

 This first photo is of the units for Kempf's brigade of Picton's Division. In the front left are the Rifles, 1/95th in their  easily recognized dark green uniform.  In the left rear of the photo the Cameroons, 1/79th foot (Highland).  To the rear right are the North Gloucestershire, 1/74th with the yellow flag.   In the front of the right hand side are the 1/32, Cornwall, who have white facings.
The rifles and highlanders are Perry figures, the  North Gloustershires are Old Glory 2nd edition pre-painted (I 'cheated' on several of the line units) and the Cornwall are Victrix.  The basing scheme for the Cornwall reflects the large attached bases of the Victrix figures.  I may someday attempt to cut down the integral plastic bases and remount this unit to conform to the others. The flags are from

 The second photo is of Pack's brigade, also part of Picton's division. To the front left are the Black Watch, 1/42nd foot (Highland) to the right front the Royal Scots, 3/1st foot. To the rear right are the East Essex, 1/44th foot again with a yellow flag. To the rear is Roger's Royal Artillery battery, with its 9 pounders that was the artillery support for Picton.  Not present, as they are not yet painted, are the 1/92nd foot, Gordon's Highlanders.  I'll fill in with a new photo when they are completed. The Highland units are from Perry miniatures, as is the artillery battery; the Royal Scots and East Essex are Old GLory 2nd Edition prepaints.
The third British brigade to arrive in mid afternoon at the field was Halkett's brigade. (The British brigade, there was another general Halkett who commanded a Hanoverian brigade, they were not at Quatre Bras but were at Waterloo.)  This brigade was actually part of Alten's Division, not Picton's.  The Allied Army was 'sending everything down one road' or nearly so, and the result was the arrival of brigades not always as part of a higher command.

 We are again missing a unit from the photo that needs to be painted, the 1/33rd foot, the 1st West Riding, which will sport red facings.  The right hand unit is 2/30th foot, Cambridgeshire, while the front unit on the left is 2/69th foot, South Lincoln, and the rear left hand unit is the 2/73rd foot, the Royal Highland Regiment. This brigade is so far the most homogenous as regards to castings, all the units are Old Glory 2nd Edition prepaints,  the West Ridings will be made up of Victrix models.

So there you have most of the British units from the middle of the day.  I am not sure if I will do the Guards Brigade as part of the scenario.  On to the Brunswickers and Dutch Belgian Brigades.


  1. Excellent Joe! I love the units you already put together. Very nice nice!!
    That will be a fabulous battle with all the troops you had mentioned. If there is room for Austrians, I would like to provide, but I am afraid they were already defeated by that time and assimilated into the Grande Arme. However, I have the Hougamount and La Haye Saint for you to borrow, if you like.
    I hope I can join you in this in 2015. Not too far away, not too far away!

  2. You'll get to play this scenario as often as you want once I get it set up.

  3. Fine looking Brits Joe. I really look forward to seeing the Brunswickers. It's always intriguing that units in black uniforms look so good. You are well on schedule for Quatre Bras in 2015!

    1. Okay, they will be shown next fo the units.

  4. NOw we'll have to figure what I'll need to paint to add to these fine lads to do Waterloo and Ligny in 2015!


    1. Let's do the 1813 campaign first. I have a lot of research done on the cavalry action at Liebertwolkwitz.

      Otherwise, It's mostly British Hussars and French Cuirassiers. ;-)