Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanoverian artillery and a look at thecompleted Kielmansagge Jagers

A couple of months ago I mentioned the Hanoverian battery for Picton's division was just about finished, so here is a look at the six pounder and crew!  The crews and guns are from Perry  miniatures.

And the back of the gun crew.

Also the Kielmansegge Jager Corps is based and ready to go on the table.  The figures are from Wesfalia Miniatures

I just had to add something to the base!

And so ends another post.  Hope you enjoyed these units, they should be on the table soon!


  1. Looking good, Joe. I had just been noticing the emergence of this new company (Wesfalia).


  2. Westfalia has some neat stuff. They just came out with some Saxon infantry, as well!

    I may pick up the Prussian medical castings.

  3. Great painting Joe. I think Westfalia is still looking into releasing Swedish Horse-artillery and Jaegers for Leipzig.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. If Westfalia does indeed produce those items, I'll no doubt be busy ordering!