Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last unit readied for Hostile Realms game, the mounted Squires of the Realm

A unit of spear mounted cavalry, clad in leather armor whose main job it is to scout and hold flanks against infantry units, in a pinch they can support heavier armored units in a charge.

The figures are from the GW Bretonnian range circa 1996 and represent the last unit to be painted for the game, being finished up Friday.   I believe the figures are sculpted by the Perry twins, as many of the figures in the Bretonnia range were.

By reviewing the box of unpainted lead, I still have 4 Knights of the realm, four spear men, four archers four more of the mounted squires and 5 each Questing and Grail Knights which could conceivably be put into the filed when painted. Maybe someday, sigh, after all the other projects are done!

They'll be making their debut at the Time Machine next weekend, as part of a revised 'Middle Kingdom' army.

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  1. Looks good I'm glad the game is providing incentive to finish up some troops!