Monday, March 10, 2014

Land Shark Company for IHMN

It's not often you can make reference to separate events in popular culture, occurring decades apart.  Rising to the challenge, I present a combination of the 1970's Landshark skit from SNL and the 2013 made for cable movie Sharknado ( my daughter and son in law made me watch the latter,  that's my story and  I'm sticking to it.)
Land Shark Company

This is a whimsical take on a 'Sharknado' style monster based company for use in games of IHMN.   Nothing is meant to be 'realistic' but I did try to keep the honor in the mechanics.  It could be used with some cultists if you'd rather think of the background as an demon rather than a mutation, albeit Dr. Munro might have considered this after a bad batch of seafood.

Of course we need the Land Shark as the kingpin in the company.  So:

Land Shark:
Pluck:  3+  (16) 
Move 6" plus 3"  (2) (he's big)
FV 4+  (16)  (between his teeth and his temper)
SV  0 (he does not need to throw things)
Protection  11 (16) (sharkskin suit)
Leadership 3+ (9)  (would you say 'no' to him?)
Swimming  (2) (Obviously, would not be much of a shark...)
Terrifying (10)  ( look at 'im, need I say anything?)
Fearless (10)  ( not afraid of anything)
Numb (10) (Cold blooded)
Berserker (5)
Land Shark total: 96
 Of course every leader needs followers...there are two types, sharks and cutists.

Pluck 5+ (3)
Move 6" plus 3"  (2)  (to keep up with the big guy)
FV 3+  (7)
SV 0
Protection 11 (16) (sharkskin suit)
Swimming  (2) (Obviously, would not be much of a shark...)
Fearless (10)  ( not afraid of anything)

Shark total: 40

The swimming attribute actually allows the sharks and the Land Shark to move in water or on land.   The ideal terrain for the gang would be 'the Docks,'  a small boat, a coastal area. 
So far, there is no Victorian feeling for the crew, so we need the assistance (as does the Land Shark need recon )  of a cult of Shark worshippers, of course. 

Pluck:  5+ (3)
Move 6"
FV 0 
SV  0
Protection  8 (1) (Heavy Robes)
Leading cultist can take Cloud men's minds (8), Harden(8),  Erudite Wit (5) ;  Pluck for the leader can be increased to 4+ (4)
Cultist can have knife (3) or Sacrificial (large) Knife (3) or a pistol (3)

Leading Cultist Pluck 4+, Cloud men's minds (8), Harden(8),  Erudite Wit (5), knife for a total of 32

 Leaders can be either male or female, on of the few places for equality of sexes in the period. This obviously puts them outside the circle of decent society. 

Cult member with knife  total 7
Cult member with pistol and knife total 10
Unarmed cult member total 4

  It is assumed either the cultists call the Land Shark from a chanting circle, in which he appears with the accompanying sharks.  Obviously it would behoove the opposed companies to prevent the chant from taking place.  The Leader simply needs to have the cultists in a chant circle, and pass an unmodified pluck roll for the Land Shark and friends to appear. 

 Of course, if the leader dastardly sacrifices a cult member, the sacrifice would increase the Pluck roll by 2.  Sacrifices can be male or female, but are almost always portrayed as a female, newly recruited to the fold.


Gonsalvo said...

I say, there something Fishy in Kurrmark, what ho? The game is, er, a-fin, Watson!

Love the Landshark!

Gonsalvo said...

"Candygram...." should be mandatory part of the cultist's chant!

pancerni said...

The game is de fin atively afoot. ( Thanks for biting on that one.) The chant is indeed Candygram, but spoken in Latin.

pancerni said...

Oh, by the way, finish your Portugese Hunting party up. They have visitors.

Gonsalvo said...

Well, if there's a foreseeable use for them, I could have them done in a week or two. Be my fist completed foray post 1865!

johnlambshead said...

Awesome, I had a vague idea of a shark IHMN army but did nothing about it, of course.

Gonsalvo said...

OK, so I dug out my 24 Portuguese and resumed painting them. I have another 24? Zanzibari types (turbans or fez) that I could contribute, plus 2 "pack cammel;s". Somewher I have a Lioness, I think, but I may need some "character" type figures.

BTW, the broad hats give the Portuguiese a decidedly "Indiana Jones" type look. Almeida Joao, perhaps? :-)

pancerni said...

We have plenty of turbaned types, but you could always have an opposing force. A Lioness sounds cool, and you can always turn a figure into a 'character ' by playing with the stats. Sounds like they'd have a unique look.

Anonymous said...

You are, of course, stark staring mad. But I never hold that against anybody :D
Interesting theme that could cause havoc on the battlefield.

pancerni said...

Glad to be a source of amusement!