Sunday, June 30, 2019

More catching up, an Austrian Grenze Unit

More progress on the painting front, the Grenze regiment Deutchbanater.     There are actually 36 castings, so I will get two battalions on the table.   .

The unit is part of the 1809 campaign build of Austrians in Westfalia.

Again, one photo too dark
 and one too bright.

Since the cataract surgery leaves me with a narrow 'field of view' (sort'a like a cheap camera) to focus on detail, items like the bear claws are very difficult to do well. Shucks, they are hard to do at all.

I am getting lessons on my wife's SLR. Hopefully photographs will improve when I enter the unit on the upcoming page for the 1809 Austrian force.

I have drafted in some Austrians from an 1859 range  I have kicking around into the available units for the Austrians. Specifically Grenze troops, the uniform is quite similiar, the Army was pretty conservative in dress.

More on that later.


  1. Very nice Grenzer. I am no photographer, but I get my best results with pictures taken outside on an overcast day, such that there are no real shadows.