Sunday, September 23, 2012

1815 Brunswick contingent Cavalry

The final group of Brunswick troops to cover includes the two units of cavalry, a hussar regiment and a 'squadron' of uhlans.  The two units arrived at the field of Quatre Bras after the initial infantry group, but before the artillery and two light battalions which arrived at six pm.

The two units totaled over 800 riders, so in game terms I field two units.  The Uhlans were under 300 strong, so the first unit is all hussars and the second is three stands lancers and one of hussars.  It works in game terms, and I reconcile it also with the fifty or so 'Polizei Hussars' also with the command, evidently used as straggler roundup and camp security.

On to the photos!  The first is the  Hussar unit sporting the blue facings with an otherwise black uniform.  The unit performed well in the two battles in June 1815, helping to blunt the cavalry actions of the French at Quatre Bras and played a part, along with so many other allied light cavalry units, against the waves of the French heavy cavalry attacks in the afternoon at Waterloo.

There is a detail shot of the officer and bugler. With the 'swimming pool blue' river in the background.

Next up are the Uhlans, actaully the last unit painted in the army, only late last year. Probably the 'brightest' of all the uniforms in the Brunswick army, percentage of the uniform not being black or grey, that is!  The light blue lapels (plastrons?) on the coat and the yellow piping on the czapska and other parts of the uniform do 'pop' more against the black uniform than you might think.  Overall a good looking unit. Amazingly, the lance pennons do not contain black as a color, but are a light blue over yellow.

Well, this wraps up the Brunswick contingent, I need a few days, then I'll start on the Dutch Belgian units at Quatre Bras. I can safely promise more color to come!


  1. A beaut bevy of Brunswick boys!

    Thanks for posting the photos Joe. I agree, the uhlans had particularly nice uniforms.

  2. I had to spread out all that black in painting the units, but the overall effect is pretty nice on the tabletop.