Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aquarian Rules arrive

The rules for the Aquarian fleet arrived yesterday, which coincidentally was my last night of evening tutoring.  Since Thursday is the last day of the school year, the war gaming potential increases soon dramatically.  I did give the rules a once over and I must say I am pleased with the result.

The Aquarians have some interesting weapons, some of which mostly chew up the enemy armor in a different way from other races.   A smattering of 'normal' weapons, which work the same as other races (primarily the Earth Federation types) also is in the Aquarian arsenal.   See Gonsalvo's blog entry on a little more detail and a comparison to the decades old version of the rules which you can't get now.
 If the link does not work for you, here is the URL for the blog entry:


What really stuck out to me was the use of the Aquarian brand of missile to render the opponents' shooting much less effective.  It is a clever way to practically have a cloaking device.   Without actually having a cloaking device.  I know it sounds confusing, just trust me.

I am inspired enough to attempt a solo game soon, or a small squadron (cruiser and smaller) f.t.f.  if I can get a game in before we leave for vacation.   Check this space for more, later.   I have to go downstairs and get out my fleets to see what force I can put together.  A new beginning for the screaming yellow zonkers!

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  1. I look forward to seeing/reading how the Aquarian ships play out on the tabletop, Joe!