Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 Imagination campaign- the Northern 'NPC' countries

So, the map is for the Northern tier of NPC countries that I will adjudicate. Basically cribbing the character  process up from WRG Tony Bath's Wargames Campaigns (  which if you don't have, try to find an old copy. ) 

I have chosen the names for the figures in my collection, the Brunswickers, Hanoverians, Dutch Belgians, Hessian and Swedish troops from the 1813 and later period. I have already rolled for the number of noble houses in each country and how many people i each.  As I need them, I will gin up characteristics.  This characteristics should guide me in what these small but important kingdoms will act upon.

I will add the map to the campaign page as well.  The letters/arrows refer to the mapcards and the orientation.


  1. I have to work more on the background for my Kingdom of Obajosa!

  2. That's intended to be a good part of the fun!